To ensure your installation goes smoothly, listed below are a few details to help you prepare for your installation with Dry Master Carpet Care


  1. We will be notifying you to confirm your installation date. If we are unable to reach you, and for your installation to occur as scheduled, it is vital that you notify us .

  2. Designate a responsible adult 18 years or older to be present during the entire installation and participate in a pre-installation walk through of the installed area(s). Once the installation is complete, the adult will also be asked to participate in a post-installation walk through, complete the Certificate of Completion provided by the installer(s) and provide feedback on the experience.

  3. Verify product(s), color(s) and area(s) of installation when your installers arrive.

  4. If you have pets, please provide a safe location away from the installation area(s) during the installation process.

  5. All furniture and objects should be removed from the area(s) unless during the sales appointment you chose to have the installers move furniture. Unfortunately, our installers will not be responsible for any packing or unpacking of boxes.

  6. Knickknacks, breakables, small items, pictures and wall hangings should be moved prior to the installers arriving. This includes items located in hallways or other areas that the installers must use to access the installation area(s).

  7. COD must be available prior to installation. Dry Master Carpet Care accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard,  money orders or certified checks. We do not accept personal checks.

  8. The area(s) installed will be cleaned after the installation process is complete.

  9. Should you have any additional questions regarding your purchase, please contact us at 703-361-2138

  10. Sales and installation of products are provided by qualified and experienced independent contractors.