Dry Master Carpet Care can repair your carpet as well as clean it. If you have split seams, burns, tears, waves, ripples, or permanent stains, give us a call. From a small cigarette burn to re-stretching your entire house, we can do it all.


Before you give up on your old carpet, call the repair experts at Dry Master Carpet Care. You might be surprised at how many years of new life that a little mending can add to your carpet.



If your rug becomes damaged, it is imperative that you bring it to a rug repair specialist as soon as possible to prevent the damage from becoming more extensive and more costly!

Dry Master Carpet Care has a full-service workroom to handle all rug repair needs. From simple binding to intricate reweaving, our rug repair specialists can repair your rug and protect your investment. Our workroom services include: 


Binding - A cloth strip is stitched onto the rug edges, protecting the sides. 



Serging - A cotton thread is wrapped around the edge of the rug to secure raw edges for a more elegant appearance.



Fringe Replacement or Removal - We can add or remove existing fringe, and have many colors for your selection. 



Rebuilding the Foundation and Reweaving - If the foundation is missing in a particular area, it weakens the rest of the rug around it, and therefore must be rebuilt. After the foundation is rebuilt we also can re-knot the pile. 



Plugs - Our alterations specialist will stitch a plug in to repair a hole. It is then secured with burlap and latex reinforcement on the back of the rug. 



Padding - Having the correct pad under your rug provides many benefits, including preventing the rug from slipping, reducing stress on your legs, and increasing the life of your rug by minimizing wear. 




To find out more about our workroom services or for a free estimate, please call our customer service department at 703-361-2138.