Dry Master Carpet Care agrees to perform services in a proper and workmanlike manner, using equipment and detergents

standard for the cleaning industry.

As a responsible service provider, we wish to inform you that textile care and maintenance is associated with some risk;

this is the nature of textiles. Our mission is to safely clean and/or apply fabric protection. Despite safety precautions, 

the following are examples of (but not limited to) possible occurrences:



Shrinkage, rippling, dimensional changes 

Rust due to metal backed buttons/tacks 

Wicking  (pulling up soil from textile base to surface 

as an item drys), blossoming (ex. Ink) 

Glaze reduction/removal (ex. Chintz) 

Watermark reduction/removal (ex. Moire) 

Pile distortion (ex. Velvet, Chenille) 

Changes in texture, luster, shading or color 

Fraying of textiles in areas of normal wear 

Odor (dissipates as cleaned/protected items dry) 

Client agrees that Dry MasterCarpet Care shall not be liable for:


  •  Failure to remove stains


  •  Discoloration from non-water fast dyes or backing threads


  •  Manufacturer or upholsterer’s marks that may appear in the process of cleaning or protection


  •  Adverse reaction on textiles previously cleaned with over-the-counter product (ex. Oxyclean)


  •  Loosening of seams on outdoor textiles that may appear in the process of cleaning


  • Conditions existing prior to cleaning or protecting





CAUTION! Freshly cleaned carpets and rugs are a slip and fall hazard. Restrict all foot traffic until thoroughly dry (6-8 

hours. Freshly protected textiles will take a minimum of 8 hours to dry and cure. In extremely rare cases, it may take 24

hours or longer. During the drying process, protected items may appear to have uneven color or splotchy oily marks. 

These are common and will disappear once the protection is fully dry.


The Fine Print 
All services are C.O.D. A $50.00 fee will apply to returned checks. Client will be responsible for court fees, bank service charges,

interest, and any other expenses incurred by Dry Master Carpet Care including reasonable attorney’s fees for collection of invoices not paid

within 30 days. Jurisdiction and venue for any legal action shall be brought in Fairfax County, Virginia.

I accept the risks associated with textile care and maintenance for all services rendered by Dry Master Carpet Care


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